Climate Terror – The Climate Change Hoax



In an age where the weatherman can hardly predict the next rain shower, climate change alarmists have determined that the end of the world is near and that in 12 years it will all come to an end. These true believers claim that climate change scientist are 100% correct and that man’s impact on the climate is destined to bring about the next great holocaust.

Our only hope is not just to continue to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on climate science but also to bring about massive reform and put an end to the evils of fossils fuels, cow flatulence, and of course punish all those who are deemed traitors to the enviro cause.

The wealth generated by climate science is so great that the actual research has been contaminated by greed and political lust for power. With billions being spent every year to support what has yet to be proven. The hypothesis that humans are killing the planet is deemed as undeniable fact. What is undeniable is that academia, as well as political leaders, refuse to release their death grip from the revenue distributed on the basis of their concocted climate science.


Climate Change Funding and Management


The controversy over climate change took an interesting twist in 2009 when e-mails from communications between two climate scientists from the University of East Anglia in Britain were intercepted by hackers. This University, renowned for climate science experienced a major challenge to its legitimacy when these e-mails were published on the internet by a whistleblower.

The e-mails exposed the two climate scientists discussing tweaking the actual numbers and backdating temperatures to make global warming projections look legitimate. With grants and funding on the line, these scientists took it upon themselves to release false information setting the stage for the largest climate scandal of the century, also referred to a Climategate.

Due to significant backlash and bad press associated with Climategate, those funded by government agencies sought to find a way to avoid the bad press and keep the money rolling in. Since the science of global warming was now proven illegitimate, the goal, of course, was to avoid the now very unpopular term “Global Warming”. The problem, however, was that the former hypothesis of a catastrophic climate event was believed to come from global cooling. The ice age theory of the 1970s was however proven defunct and was pointless to return to the days the way of the dinosaur theories. In a stroke of genius environmental fanatics came up with the perfect new threat to the world. This new climate threat was so brilliant that it could be molded to any type of climate-related event. Thus “CLIMATE CHANGE” was born.


With this newfound Climageddon, a whole new form of globalism has arrived. Political powers began calling for global climate control legislation tagging every foul weather event to the evils of Climate Change. This phenomenon reached a plateau with the Obama administration leading the way calling upon the world to minimize their carbon footprint. The Paris Accord was the first joining of countries from around the globe coming together in the name of a climate change utopia. Even the largest pollution offenders, for example, China were on board.

Why? Why would China suddenly risk putting a halt to their mass production and pollution output? the answer is simple, money and control. The brilliance of the Paris Agreement is that what it really offers is billions of dollars to the member countries in the name of Climate Change as well as iron fist control over the populist.

In 2017 when the U. N. backed Paris agreement began calling for the massive downsizing of the global economy and the imposition of rigid socialist planning on all industrial economies, now President Trump backed out of the U.N. backed Paris agreement refusing to buckle to the pressure of the climate alarmists.  Pundants raged in upheaval claiming the end of the world now that American government dollars would be staying home rather than feeding the globalist enviro fascism agenda.



With the recent release of White Houses climate report in November of 2018, the conclusions contained in the report are so extreme it’s like something out of a post-holocaust movie. “For one, it predicts that the use of coal and other fossil fuels will destroy 10% of U.S. GDP by the end of the century.” (IBD). Those are nice projections since none of those who made them will be alive to see them proven totally false. climate terror reached a level of biblical proportions.

However several factors were not taken into consideration like reduced emissions due to fracking. Equally bad, the report suggests, is that due to the greenhouse gas effect, U.S. temperatures will be 3 to 12 degrees hotter, leading to more wildfires and hurricanes, among other climate-related disasters. Such extreme numbers have never been found before in a major peer-reviewed study. (IBD)

“By presenting cherrypicked science … the authors … have given a big fat gift to anyone who wants to dismiss climate science and policy,” tweeted University of Colorado Prof. Roger Pielke Jr., right after the White House released the report. “Embarrassing.”(IBD)



However, environmentalists still cling to the Enviro cause claiming 97% of all scientists support the hypothesis that man-made Climate change is real and of course if we don’t do something now we will all surely die. This consensus came under fire almost immediately as it defies the scientific process altogether. The 97% claim authored first by Naomi OreskesPeter Doran and later most notably self-proclaimed by climate change truther John Cook was proven flawed after peer review revealed the truth about models used.  What was found is that percentage was exaggerated over Cook original numbers of around 80%.  However, the data sets used to extrapolate the consensus was from samples of only a few thousand scientists. However, politicians, as well as Cook supporters, claim the consensus as undeniable truth and anyone who disagrees seeks to destroy our planet.

The truth about Climate Change is that money and politics have corrupted the science and today we face the threat of micromanagement of our daily lives based on weather patterns and macro taxation in the name of saving the planet. Even more diabolical in the call for socialist reforms and forced globalization of climate enforcement bringing about Enviro fascism to terrorize the modern world.



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