The Tragic State of our Democracy as Displayed in a recent Seattle City Council meeting


Citizens Plee falls upon death ears as elitist council members refuse to acknowledge the petitioner by looking up from their electronic devices.

During a Seattle Council meeting held on March 11, 2019, Public commenter Richard Schwartz asked that the council for their attention and requested they look up from their electronic devices to listen to his petition. Instead, Mr. Swartz was met with rebuke being informed that he needed to hurry up as he was on the clock.

Public commenter Richard Schwartz

This is a sad example of the state of our Democracy. For all of you who believe that these elitist bureaucrats care even one iota about you, watch the video below. These people don’t give a rip about the will of the people but rather how they can line their pockets off the back of those they claime to serve. Each and every one of those member shoud be fired for deralict of duty.

This is nothing less than a crime. These people openly refuse to do their jobs and have no place in public office.

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