Lowest Unemployment in 40 years

Recent data shows that unemployment during the Trump administration has hit it’s lowest rate since 1969.

Critics of the current administration and mainstream media have failed to recognize the president for this great achievement. However, as of February of 2019, the department of labor statistics reported an unemployment rate of 3.8 % which is the lowest it has been since jobless numbers of 3.5 % back in 1969.

These numbers are inspiring in that it’s a clear sign of a thriving economy. The current administrations business-friendly model is proving effective. By dropping taxes and relaxing regulations the trump administration has created a stable environment for businesses setting the stage for a growing economy. Over the next two years, we expect to see unemployment numbers decrease even further within a robust U. S. economy.

However, Trump opponents refuse to acknowledge this success and claim the country had a higher level of growth during the Obama administration.

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