Terrorist organizations have infiltrated the United State government


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar: Terrorist. from DHFC on Vimeo.


Glenn Beck just broke a huge story that the Fake News outlets don’t want you to see. With an ever-growing divide between political parties, it is an understatement when we say that there are those within our government who seek to destroy our country. One such person is Representative Iliana Omar an anti-semitic radical Muslim who has clear ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

The amazing part of this story is the fact the main stream media and big news outlets have completely stayed away from this story as Americans remain unwittingly naive to that fact that our government has been invaded by a terrorist organization. Glen Beck and his team have really quite brilliantly put all the evidence together and are now taking it to the public.

Step by Step Glenn presents clear facts about three key individuals who are behind the Muslim Brotherhood and their activities here in the United States. Next, he shows proof that Iliana Omar not only supports the Muslim Brotherhood but funnels money into the organizations they have created here in the states.

After the unveiling of the information the question remains, will our government take action, will they stand up for our people or will they simply brush this under the rung and continue to allow government officials to fund our enemies.

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