The inevitable downfall of the Trump impeachment.



As Trump shocked the nation in 2016 with his presidential victory over Hillary Clinton, literally from the moment of his acceptance speech Democrat forces began working behind the scenes to impeach the duly elected president. Hillary’s team went into action claiming that Russian’s had interfered with the election resulting the the Trump win. Later allegations of Russian collusion came to light as a result of a fake dossier. The FBI and DOJ had been weaponized and sought to not only to stain Trumps victory, but reverse the will of the people and remove Trump highest office on the land. However the attempt utterly failed when the head of the FBI Bob Muller was unable to provide any evidence that an actual crime had been committed.

Literally the day after Muller’s testimony and the Russian collusion hoax having been put to rest, Democrats under the guidance of Adam Schiff, a known leaker and liar, announced that a whistle blower and come forward to implicate the president in a horrendous crime. What was this despicable crime? Asking a foreign alley to look into possible corruption that involved a political opponent. Unfortunately for the democrats their claims simply didn’t hold water.


Trump 2016 Presidential Acceptance Speech.


The Democrats are basing their entire impeachment inquiry on one paragraph of the Trump, Ukraine phone call. In this particular section of the transcript of Trumps conversation with newly elected Ukrainian president Zelensky, Trump’s exact words were as stated “There’s allot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that, so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution, so if you can look into it.. It sounds horrible to me.”

Actual Transcript of Trump call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.


The Democrats vehemently claim that this as an undeniable quid pro quo. The only problem is that there was never an actual declaration of “If you do this, you get that.” However for the Democrat party it’s painfully clear that they do not care about the real facts but rather perception. Ironically the only people who perceived this phone call as a quid pro quo, are in reality the president’s political opponents, not the actual Ukrainian’s themselves.


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif


Still the Democrats push on attempting to create their own desired narrative that will undoubtedly show the president’s actions in an unfavorable light. They have even gone as far as claiming criminal intent and that Trump used tax payer dollars to bribe Ukraine into digging up dirt on a political rival.

With that in mind there are some other important question we need to ask here. For example, is it unethical for the president to ask a foreign ally to look into a corruption case that potentially involved an individual running against them for the presidency? Are those who run for office above the law and exempt from prosecution, even if a political rival? In truth most reasonable people in this country including Democrats would obviously say “No!” and not only commend the president’s actions but demand that this corruption be investigated.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi


What is painfully obvious to all of those who are not beholden to the ever more Socialist Democrat party, is that the Democrats, most notably the Clintons, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and John Kerry were all involved financially with Ukraine and are looking to cover their own apparent nefarious activities. What better way than to project blame onto their most despised rival, president elect Trump.

However what they didn’t expect was that the American people had no desire to go along with their concocted narrative. You see, as I mentioned before it’s not about facts but rather perception.  The Democrats hope it that if the American people perceive there was a crime, maybe they’ll believe it. However the grand plan to bring Trump down isn’t working.

Even several moderate Democrats where appalled by the false representation of facts presented in the impeachment hearings with absolutely no actual evidence but rather hearsay and conjecture. Now with ever growing impeachment disapproval the Democrat ruling elites are having to rethink their strategy.  Rest assured those who refuse to release their grip from the reins of power will never stop in their efforts to reverse the election of 2016. What they have failed to understand is that the American people will not stand for it.

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