Two dead at Church shooting in White Settlement Texas



On Sunday December 29th at during church ceremonies a lone gunman opened fire killing two members of the West Freeway Church of Christ located in the city of White Settlement, Texas. Police later identified the shooter as Keith Thomas Kinnunen a 43 year old man with a significant criminal history.


Church security cameras recorded the entire incident. Keith Thomas entered the church wearing a wig and fake beard. Initially he sat down as if to listen to the sermon, suddenly he stood up and began pacing back and forth erratically, he leaned over and said something to the man standing next to him and then brandished a shotgun from under his coat. One of the church security staff that had been sitting nearby immediately stood up while pulling his side arm.


Warning the video contains graphic violence not suitable for all audiences.


Kinnunen then shot and killed him as well as shooting the man he had the original contact with. Kinnunen then began to make his way toward the pulpit when anther church security member by the name of Jack Wilson shot and killed him.   The whole incident took place within seconds.


In an interview with Jack Wilson he indicated that he was not a hero, he just reacted as a result of his training. Jack Wilson is a long time firearms instructor and was able to neutralize the threat with a head shot from approximately 30 from the gunman.


If Mr. Wilson had not been such a good shot, several more people would have surly died. However there were also approximately six other church members that had guns drawn and were ready to finish the job if Wilson would have missed his target. Fortunately in this case he didn’t and no other lives were lost.


I don’t believe that there is a more powerful example of citizens exercising their constitutional right to bear arms being able to protect themselves almost instantly from eminent danger. Unfortunately two people died, but this man will never harm another person again thanks to those who responded instantaneously with bravery to eliminate the immediate threat. God bless Mr. Wilson and all the members of West Freeway Church of Christ our prayers are with you.

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