Students around the world walk out of schools becry it’s the end of the world due to climate change


Photo Kaihsu Tai

 Students across the globe found a reason to skip school for a three day weekend last Friday, all in the name of climate change.  Mobilized by organizations like Friday For The Future the modern indoctrination of students has been taken to a whole new level.

 In the fight to keep the climate change funds rolling in a large swath of modern-day academia has found a way to brainwash a bunch of little kids and in fact, is scaring them senseless. 

 Students around the globe are now crying out that the end of the world is near unless there is sweeping global climate reform. The call for change goes way beyond the end of fossil fuels. Climate Changers are calling for massive government intervention on a global scale. Abolition of cow emissions, only clean energy and a swath of reforms that would change every aspect of peoples lives giving governments unyielding power over the people in the name of the greater good.  



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