Vermont, the next state to take up amendments to increase abortion rights


 VT Digger- 

The State of Vermont is currently pushing to further abortion rights under the auspice of “personal reproductive liberty”. The States Senate has taken up a bill to amend Vermont’s constitution. The new legislation will need a two-thirds majority to pass in the Senate and a majority in the House.

The House bill is expected to sail through the Senate in the coming weeks. But first, the upper chamber is taking up the constitutional change, which will be a years-long push if successful.

Both proposals are in response to the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, creating a conservative majority that many fear will overturn a landmark decision on abortion, Roe v. Wade, opening the way for states to restrict abortion.

If the bill passes in both the states house and senate the pro-abortion law would go to the Vermont voters.

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